LUISE (-Kiesselbach-Platz)
- a huge, ugly construction ground - full of surprises - 4 views.


– LUISE – It’s about one of the biggest road construction projects of Munich, the Luise-Kieslbach-Platz. As LE4EL typically explores the hidden curiosities and changes of a location, this place is a good joice. Since nearly 5years the construction works are ongoing and changing the face of the place continously. The opening seems to be planned for mid of 2015. We are going to document the last days of construction works and handing it back to the people.

Some impressions of the dimensions of the construction project can be found in a nice multimedia article of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Also quite interesting is the background of Luise Kieselbach who’s name was given to the place.


Flyer & Location:
















LE4EL - the TEAM:



our common view

our individual views

deathly Transit infrared Polariods
Deathly, because on this conrner a terrible accident has happened.      
ground finds
Fluchten - Linies lightleak
sometime many interestings things are just in front of you on the floor.    
Licht - Light Places polaroid details
working with the pin-whole lense early in the morning in rainy weather masking this kind of effects    
Motorcycle club
Signs polaland
To LUISE belongs an abandoned Motorcycle club house. See what I've found there.    
Bewegung - Movement Weggefährten - companions  
everything is moving in LUISE    
The Tunnel Collage  
LUISE cointains also a tunnel.